I am an experienced breeder. I had much joy in raising my 2 Himalayans and having Babies. But due to developing an
allergy to them and having asthma, I was unable to continue with the joy of raising them. Then I was captured by the
"RARE" Beauty of this Breed called Sphynx. Now I have been "BLESSED" with a second chance to do what I "LOVE
. That is to be able to raise babies again. I have been breeding Sphynx since 2000 and many thanks to my
boyfriend Kenneth Bugg, who has been of great help to me in raising my babies.
We are a small Cattery in Clinton,
Kentucky. You can view our cattery on "My Main Page"
. Just click the Cattery button. My babies are spoiled and
pampered with love and get the "Best" of everything.

We are also
certified as a healthy Cattery of Excellence and Outstanding Cattery by both CFA and TICA Associations.

Our Sphynx have been carefully selected from pedigrees with strong genetic lines  to produce the healthest of
off-spring. The health and socialization of all my babies is my top priority.

goal is to provide ( God's ) most precious gift to a loving, suitable home that is carefully selected.
A little about me!
I am very dedicated to this Breed and continue to breed with Integrity and my Love for this Breed!

I think it is very important to be a good responsible breeder. That for me is to socialize them and love them to the
point that they don't know what fear is. Only to know love and joy as God intended them to. Remember they are
not just a pet, but a part of our family. I truly believe that God loves these little creatures as he loves us to give
them souls as he did us. Please remember they feel pain, love, hurt and joy as we do!
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Located in Clinton, Ky
My most precious Hobby!
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