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Dear Theresa, I took Seti to the vet for a check up and they went nuts over him. They
said that he was the prettiest Sphynx they had ever seen. He is the most well adjusted
and socialized kitty you can have. Thank you so much for Seti.
Sharron and Terry
Living in Alabama
Painting by Svetlana Novikava, inspired by Seti. Click
painting to go to her website!
This is a special bottle of "Imported Wine" as a
token of their appreciation from Sharron and Terry,
for their precious litte Seti. I was so taken by their
Thank you so very much to the both of you!
Theresa, we just got back from the Vet. Dr. Cionni said
Nebi looked wonderful and healthy. He got him, and the
whole staff went on about how he was the prettiest
Sphynx they have ever saw. Living in Alabama
This is Nebi the 2nd addition to
Sharron and Terry family.
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pictures of Nebi joining Seti, to their
new addition to their family
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Nebi is now a Certified Therapy cat!