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Theresa, you have made this the most wonderful event for us! Our trip was fun, meeting you and all the
precious babies was such a meaningful even for us. Our baby is simply the most wonderful thing ever! He
has brought us so many smiles already... he  stayed in my daughters lap the whole way home sleeping
most of the way.... he is so lovable! We got so occupied with him, we forgot to call... so sorry! I cannot say
enough good things about him and frankly you either... you are a beautiful person and I feel so blessed
that we have met. I hope you know how much joy you have given us! He is adjusting so well, purring all the
time... we sort of expected some crying from him last night.. but I guess we gave him enough attention that
he didn't at all. We will take such good care of him and thankful to you for making it so special for both of
us.  Many smiles and hugs.
Laura and Danielle   Living in Missouri
This is Laura and her daughter Danielle back for another baby. Danielle at the age of 16, is the new proud Mommy of her new baby Lola.
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