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Just wanted to let you know Zoey is doing wonderful and I
cannot thank you enough or explain the Love I have for her.
She loves me very much and is so loving. I am surprised
how much she wants to be with me. I was thinking a female
would be more stand offis, but she is not. I can't go to the
bathroom without her wanting in my lap. We are setting
rules for her to stay off the keyboard on the computer desk
and the kitchen table and counter tops. She is also very
interested in swating at my African Grey, so we are using a
water bottle treatment and it seems to be working well.
Anyways she is wonderful and a joy to have. Thank you,
Hi People, I'm now living in Shepheredsville, Ky
with my new Mommy Angela. Come back for
updates about me!
Update !
This is an update on baby Zoey. Isn't she just beautiful.
Mommy sent this to my other Mommy for Thanks giving 2007
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