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This is Diane holding her new Baby Bently after having his bath. I had the pleasure of having her
spend the night visiting and playing with all my babies. I will update you on his progress. He now
lives with his new Mommy in Morgantown, West Virginia.
This is Diane... back again for 2 more of my babies. I had the
pleasure of her staying with me again for a couple of days.
She and I had so much fun together as we did before when
she adopted Bently. I will update you on the proper spelling of
their babies names. As well as how they are doing in their new
Back for 2 more Babies now makes 3
Dearest Theresa,
I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was perfect! Mostly due to the new additions to our
family. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing these two babies are to our home. They were the best
Christmas present ever. From the first day, Lexus has taken them under her wings ( I guess that's
paws). Mark is so proud of how she has mothered them. We were so concerned about her accepting
them and it has taken her back to the way she was when we first got her. Bentley is finally starting to
come around. We are letting them get together at their own pace. Right now, he's asleep with the little
boy, 2 separate beds, but right next to each other. Beemer is taking the longest, which really surprised
us, since he's the most laid back of them all. He'll come around when he's ready. You can be sure that
Mercedes and Lincoln have found a loving and wonderful home, where they will never want for
anything! Have a safe and Happy New Year. Tell Kenny, hello. Please keep in touch. I'll send some
pictures when Logan shows me how.
Love, Diane, Mark and Logan
To the left is a cute gift for my babies and a pair of
darling socks for me, from Diane. She also got the
babies a set of balls which are not in the photograph.
Diane you are a sweetie. Thanks so much!
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