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This is Andrea from Canada with her new baby kitten Prada along with her
precious little one, which now have a new family member added.
Hi Theresa, we are all doing fine here with Prada. I have never seen a cat try to eat the stuff she'll try to
snatch a cucumber out of your hand if she could! She eats lots of her own food and still insists on trying
to get everything else in sight as food seems to be like cat nip for her. We love and adore
her. She is so loving towards Payton, even when she does what one year olds do - poke her nose, bite
her tail, pull her ears, pet her "gently". Prada takes it all in and keeps purring. Of course my daughter's
first giggles were playing with Prada. Prada also jumps in the stroller and goes for our daily walks with
us, as you'll see from the pictures. We do a  lot of traveling on weekends and as you can see, Prada
and Payton sit together and play, there is one picture of them kissing too that is pretty cute. Talk to you
later, and sorry I missed your call over the weekend.
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