Hi Theresa, here's  a picture of Shada snoozing with Isable. This a well-adjusted kitten!!!
She's such a delight to have. The
purrrfect addition to our family. I thank you everyday
for letting me have one of your babies:-) She's just so special, and we LOVE her sooooo
much. I have to admit.... I think I'm a "cat person" thanks to this little girl. LOL!!!!! Can't
wait to take her to the show! I'll talk to you soon.      Susan:-
Shada is now a Premier "Champion"! WOW!!!!   Way to go Susan!
Thank you so much for being the Mommy you are to Shada.
This beautiful Jacket was a precious gift from
Susan. She saw it at a cat show and could not
resist getting it for me. How sweet is that ??? If
you  enlarge it you can see the detail of the
embroidered cats on it. She is an Angel. I cannot
express enough how much fun we had at my
home here and at the cat show. I miss you Susan.
Susan with her new Baby Girl Shada! She resides with her new Mommy in New York. Look for
her at the show in the  Premier Show!
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Shada is a Premier  (Champion)!
More pictures on the next page... also look for updates too!
Susan brought this wonderful
bottle of wine that I am sure I
will enjoy. She is a real
sweetheart and I love her.
She spent the night and we
had a great time! I will miss
Came back for a 2nd baby!
This is baby Leo on his way home! As you can see the
picture on the left he is sleeping on his new Mommy
Susan. Then later in is relaxing and being lazy eating out
of his bowl laying down. Now how relaxed is that?
Baby Leo with both his parents Scott on the left and
Susan on the right. GREAT FAMILY PORTRAIT ... huh!
Baby Leo laying on Mommy lap on his
way to his new home!
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