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Baby Leo drinking while big sister Shada
is watching the water going down...
Baby Leo playing with his new toy!
Baby Leo learning now that big sister Shada is
on top of him showing him who is the boss!
Baby Leo sleeping with his new pal Alex!
Scott has Shada sleeping in his shirt and
Leo is laying on his lap with pal Alex. This
is the normal life
This is what Susan had to say about Leo her new addition to the family!
Hi Theresa!
We are home finally! What a long trip it was. I am so tired. Going to bed now. I will call you
tomorrow and send more pictures. Shada is interested in Leonardo but keeps her distance. He
came in and is like a bull in a China Shop.. Literlly.
He walks around the house like he's been here for ever. He's fine with the Boston Terriers too
Hi Theresa!
He had his rabies shot this week. The vet and staff LOVED him. He was out walking around
on the front desk counter getting treats from the girls. He had his little shirt on and just acted
like he belonged there . He's a special kitty.
He is loved very much here and Shada loves him now too. They are Best Friends now.
Inseperable. Thank you & Kenny so much!!!
Love you both!
Baby Leo playing with the dog's toy and look who
came along, checking out who's got it? Soooo Cute!!!
This is Will with Shada, their
first Sphynx girl from me.
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