Jessi left and Linda right. They are very excited about holding their own babies. Jessi lives in
Chicago, Ill and her mother Linda lives in Indianola, Iowa. I will let you know how they are doing soon!
Linda, here holding her baby so gently. He was so
comfortdable with her holding him. It didn't matter
whether a new Mommy was holding him. He didn't care!
This beautiful black cat Linda & Jessi bought
for me. They said that they wanted to get me
the perfect gift. They spotted this beauty in
a shop and fell in love with it and thought it
resembled a Sphynx. Which as you can see it
does! I was so excited and happy that they
thought so much of me to get me this
gorgeous antique.. Thank you so very much
Linda and Jessi for your kindness!
This beautiful frame is another special gift
from Jessi & Linda. As you see their is a
picture of the both of them in it. They are
holding their precious babies.
They also got me a cute kitty car
freshener not shown but how cute it is!!!
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