This is Jessica with her son picking up their new
family member. This beautiful girl now lives in
Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Beautiful place!
When we first got home Onyx was a little scared
of the new surroundings, but she quickly got use
to it and all the neighbors that came to see her.
She LOVES everyone. We took her to the vet
that specializes in Cats only, and she just loved
Doc says that the breeder did such a
wonderful job with her
. Our vet does see other
Sphynx Cats and she says that they are
non-social. They were surprised to see such a
well adjusted Sphynx. It took Luke so long to get
out of the vet, because all the assistants and all
the other clients there had to come in and see
her. There isnow a bunch of children crying to get
a Sphynx. We all love her dearly! We'll probably
be calling Theresa back next year for another
beautiful baby. Thank you so very much for our
beautiful ONYX! Jessica, Luke, Jacob, Tyler,
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This is Onyx, the proud daughter of Luke and Jessica. These photo's taken by them.
How cute is this??? This is Onyx
looking out the car window.
This is Casper with his new Daddy... What is so darling about
this picture is Casper's Daddy (Luke ) is cradling Casper in his
arm while talking to me on the phone. Casper is real content
sleeping in his daddy's arm while driving him to his new home.
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