Mia is now residing with her new parents Mark & Jessica in
Seymour, Indiana
We love our baby Mia. She is wonderful. She is very social and loves people. We had a party at our house a few
weekends ago. We were concerned that the number of people in our home would make her nervous so we moved
her litter box into our bedroom in case she became scared and wanted to be away from everyone. This wasn't the
case. She absolutely loved having guests at the house. She ran from person to person getting attention and
playing with everyone. She was a social butterfly all night. She had so much fun she wore herself out and slept all
day the next day. She is a blessing in our lives and we just love her. We are very excited about getting either the
gray boy or red boy. We can't wait to get him. I hope everything is going great. Talk to you soon. Mark
This is Mark with his newly 2nd addition  
Simmon he adopted. He is on the left joined
with new sister Mia. Thank you Jessica and
Mark for being loving parents to my two
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