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Hello, Theresa! Here are some pictures of Cleopatra. She grew up a little. And I like that very much! Because she 's
tiny, not like the regular cats! : ) And I like that very much! Because she's special! :) She is doing great! I take her on
the trips in my car sometimes. And she likes to sit on my shoulder while I'm driving. It's so funny that recently
Cleopatra made up one game: She hides and I'm suppose to look for her and then I hide and she's running around the
house, looking to catch me. We take turns!:) And when she finds me, she jumps on me, like she caught me. And I
have to play this game with her everyday now, cause she likes it a lot! So Cute! I could not believe these cats could be
so much like humans. Well, I have to say good bye! Me and Cleo are so sleepy already. We're going to bed! Thank
you again for my wonderful friend!
xoxo, Alina and Cleopatra.
The picture up above is Alina's boyfriend with baby Cleo.
This my new Mommy Alina , and now living in Fort Myers, Florida. My
Mommy said that she loves me soooo much.
Theresa! Thank you so much for sending me the link to the gallery where you put Cleaopatra and me! We are vey proud
and happy!:) Cleopatra is doing very well. She had a bath today:) And she's playing the whole day with my husband.
He came home for this weekend. And it's so nice to be together-wer're now the family of 3! I'll send you some more
pictures of Cleo later. I ned to make them smaller. I have to say she eats alooot! And I was thinking maybe because
she's got the access to food at any time or maybe she's just groing. Theresa, thank you again for a wonderful friend I
have. And I'm very grateful that God guided me to your website. Everything happens for a reason! Ok, Ill let you go
and promise to keep you updated with the pictures. Take care, Alina and Cleopatra
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