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This is Kim with her new baby, now living in Indiana. As you can see she is
wearing "Soft Paws". You can find the link on my declawing page!
This is Kim and son with her second new baby, now living in Indiana.
I thought you might want to see how beautiful they are and how one year old and
"healthy". Both are a blessing from God....
I thought you might enjoy seeing them and I have thought much of you over the past year. When I
look at them it is because of you that I was blessed so that is something I am forever grateful for.
Patra is such a darling and so sweet in personality. Ceasar is very curious, playful, and always
looking for things to get into but so darn funny. Both were very easy to train, I point 2 fingers at them
and they will follow whatever command given. (the fingers are more important than any voice!) They
have their beds in all the rooms but their favorite place is the bed in front of the door where they look
outside most of the day and at night Patra attacks the bugs lol... He is the head cat it was funny to
watch him establish that role but Patra will entertain him but if he crosses a line with her she sets him
straight real fast and that's the end of it. Thank you for your reply it was really good to hear from you.
If you should ever get anymore black ones please let me know! If I get one similar to Ceasar in the
body and pose he would be a show cat no doubt about it! Kim
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