Page 45
This is Mommy Darla hiding her head with Santos
sneaking a peek out of the covers.
This is Santos half sister Megan above!
Santos taking a "cat nap".
Hi Theresa, Hope you like the pictures! I'm still trying to get the email/picture "thing" going, but so far, not so
good! Anyway, both the "kids" are doing well. Santos ( as you can see ) has became my official "neck-warmer"!
He's growing like a weed and acts like he's lived here all his life. Meg has finally accepted the fact that Santos
is here to stay. They run aroun and fly over the furniture together - sounds like a herd of elephants, but they
sure have fun! Anyway - I'll talk to you soon. Again, thank you for letting Meg and Santos come to live at our
house, don't know what we'd do without them and don't want to find out!
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