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New adopted family of Ginger. Her pictures below! From left to right the
Blevens family, new brother - Cole, Daddy - Mike, Mommy - Amber and
sister Channing.
This is my new playmate Callie, isn't she cool!!!
Now as you know I am the new BOSS around
Now here is a cool pair, Cooper on the left and Callie on
the right!
Now for my ending story of my new life! What did I say? I mean the start of my new Life!!!!
Hello, I'm lovin my new home in Washington. I had a long trip from you to here, but so far so good
my new family loves me and spoils me!!

I want to say that finding your website and speakin with you through GINGERS trip here was
great! Everything you say on your site (which is one of the best thank you for that!) is 100 percent
true! My baby (GINGER) is all you said and more. I think you are great and I thank you so much
for doin what you do with such love, it shows! She has already touched us and everyone she
Oh.. now, we can't forget the CAT!!!
This is Christa, but she knows who's
the boss!
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