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This is Sami with her new baby, which she named Baldwin. She is a Vet Tech, now a student vet and has been watching
him grow from the time he was born.
Now living in Oklahoma City Ok.
Baldwin in the loving comfort of his mommy's love!!!
Baldwin exploring his new home!
Theresa, I cannot thank you enough for Baldwin. We absolutely love him. Even my fiance who swore
this was "just my cat"... cannot get enough of him. He is the most fun-loving, spoiled, well-ajusted cat
I've ever had the opportunity to encounter (and that's saying alot whey you're a vetertenary technician).
My co-workers cannot get over the fact that he's so relaxed at the emergency center... doesn't even
seem to realize that there are cats and dogs all around him. He's become best friends with my
American Pitbull Terrier, Brogan. Friendship came promply after Baldwin ( who is interested in anything
with a tail), realized that he and Brogan shared a common trait. It took a while for Baldwin to accept
Brogan as a "fellow cat", LOL, but he warmed up to him.... and they're now inseperable. The moment
that Brogan comes out of his kennel, Balwin is right on the couch playing with him. When Brogan goes
back into his kennel, Baldwin sticks his pawas through the sides of the cage to play with Brogan.
They're absolutely best friends. While I originally intented to get a friend for me, he's become a friend
for my dog too... and that means much more to me than just having a feline in the house. When
Brogan goes to work with me, you can bet that you can find Balwin sitting in or near Brogan's kennel
as if to ask "where'd my playmate go?". Like I said, inseperable.
Update.. Sami added 2 of Balwins siblelings to her family
Here is Sami with all 3 of her babies. Baldwin, Buck and Buffy!
Here is Sami with Buffy.
Theresa, I just wanted to send another update on Buck and Buffy. They are doing absolutely
wonderfuly. You couldn't ask them to interact any better with Baldwin than they do. They are NEVER
apart. Everyone is always cuddled together on our bed, sleeping or bathing one another or they're
romping through the house playing. I don't know how I ever lived without the three of them. They make
my family feel whole and they're the most awesome cats ever. Their personalities are so alike and, yet,
greatly. Theresa , they're the best cats ever. Such sweet and caring babies. You just cannot help but
love them. They're awesome. Here is a picture of them with me today:
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