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This is Carrie and Joe with their new baby, which I bottled fed since he was 4 days old. His
mommy did not want to be a mommy so she is spayed and going to a good home. Lucky for
this little baby boy that he made it as God wanted, now he is a happy little boy. Will have
updates soon. He now lives in Huntsville, AL.
Here is my baby Pesto. He has brought a lot of joy to this house!! Thanks, Theresa!
Some of the pics are from him playing with his new toys, laying on his bed that looks
like a couch (it has a scratch post behind it), his blue sweater that he doesn't like to
much another one where he is playing peek-a-boo or just trying to sleep (LOL), and a
few others of me and him and his soon to be new Dad.
Hope you enjoy! Carrie
I've got to tell you I didn't think I could love a pet this much. He is so spoiled and LOVES
attention! I have lots of outfits and blankies for him. He always sleeps at my neck. Joe just
loves him and the dog and him are getting along great!
Thanks ! Happy Halloween!
Love, Carrie
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