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Is this not cute!!! She is looking up at her new daddy and loving every minute of being held. Kemo
is now living in Garden City, Mi. I will update you on her progress with her new daddy soon!
Kemo is absolutely amazing!!!!! She has adjusted to our family very well. We took her to the vet twice for shots,
and in two weeks she gained a whole pound. She is everything you said she was. I have NEVER come across a
kitten that listens so well, even in her crazy kitten mode. She is more eager to please than most dogs I know.
Some of my friends had seen pictures of her and thought she looked weird w/no hair. Now that they have met
her, they are eating their words and can't get enough of her. I have been interested in the Sphynx breed for ten
years. Theresa, you have made the wait 100% worth it. Thank you so much for our amazing kitten and the time
you are willing to spend on the phone giving (Sushi) so Kemo has a partner in crime.... see you this weekend!!!
Thanks again,
Detroit, Mi
This is Sushi, now joining her new daddy and soon to meet her new sister Kemo, which is waiting
at home. I will update you soon on her progress meeting with her sister Kemo.
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