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Suzanne is from Landenberg, Pa. I also want to show off these beautiful purple
mums, she surprise me with. One of my favorite colors. She also thought of the
other babies, bought them many toys to play with and cute Christmas Shirts.
Thank you so much Suzanne!
This is Suzanne and her new baby boy, as you can see is very comfy on the couch. Her stay was very
short. I really wish I could have spend more time with her. She was such a joy to be around.
I just wanted to pop out a quick note and let you know what a joy Little Red has been. It is hard to
believe that his birthday is almost here. I will try to take a photo to send and show you what a lovely
boy "man" he has become. I am not as talented with a camera as you are. I wanted to make sure that
I has his party on the right date. He was born on the 7th correct? Once again, I cannot express what a
delightful addition to our family he has been. Thank you so very much. I need to visit your website
again but am fearful that I will fall in love and want another!
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