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This is Carol and her husband with their new babies, now
living in Chicago! I will update you on their progress!
Dear Theresa, I just finished looking at the pictures., they turned out so nice. John really is the proud poppa...
They have brought so much joy back into our home. My son comes over and lays on the floor with them and
plays ball and they walk all over him. They are just the sweetest little loves. They take naps all day with my
husband, but when I come home from work they're my buddies till I leave for work the next day.. Their
favorite place to play seems to be running from chair to chair under the dinning room table. I will send you
some pictures as soon as I get them developed. If your ever in Chicago you have to stop at our home we're
close to the airport just 10 minutes away we'd love to have you... we'll keep in touch. Talk to you soon.
Sincerely, Carol and John
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