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Sonya surprised me with this King Cake from New
Orleans which is a tradition.
Inside the cake was a plastic baby representing (BABY JESUS). There is a story to be told about the (Three Kings) and how this cake had
become called the (King Cake). Thank you Sonya for giving my sweet baby Isis a beautiful loving home. I will miss her terribly! Living in
I had the pleasure of having Sonya and a dear friend of hers spend the night here before going back home with her new baby Isis. While we were
eating the cake Sonya was the one that got the baby that was inside the cake. By tradition the one who gets the baby has to buy the next King
Cake... I thought that was funny seeing she was the one who bought it!
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Back for a second Baby
WOW!!!! She brought me another KING CAKE!!! She also brought me the best of course, I have never eat any....  WOW! This was
a real treat.... This is her new baby Raja
Sonya, now getting ready for bed. She had a long trip here and is now relaxing with her new baby girl Raja and my Armando (baby boys) is what I
call  Sonya was a real joy to have. She is fun loving as usual. I wish I had her
Oh my, Raja is thinking what is
going on through them doors?
She hasn't realized that she is at
the vets office yet?
Oh no!!!! Now she has figured it out.... poor baby! She is getting her examine from her vet.