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Helen with her new baby boy Gibson.... named after the Gibson
I just wanted to say hi and let you know that Gibson is doing great.... he has become a little wild
man. We joke and say that he is going through his teenager phrase lol. He is getting soooo big! He is
a little pig .... and no more tummy troubles. The kids adore him.. even when he decides to tackle
them! He is os tolerant of Joey picking him up and carrying him around. Wehn Gibson meows Joey
knows that he has had enough and puts him down lol. Gibson loves to climb onto the top of the bunk
bed and lay with our daughter... and she loves that too. He still LOVES Kevin's beard! We can't
imagine life without him and he isVERY spoiled and will continue to be spoiled... we love to shop for
him! I'll send pictures and videos soon... thanks for our amazing baby!! We hope to add another one
of your babies to our family in the future.