We are the ONLY CONTINENT that allows this mutation to our beloved cat as we think that our species
is more superior to them!!!
ARE WE??? Some people think that we are above all and are worth more than
others in the eyes of God. Then there is the argument that humans have moral superiority and the right to
control and manipulate other species for our own benefit. God is the
ONLY GRANTER of those rights. By
WHOSE AUTHORITY do you have the right to amputate their claws??? God gave them paws with claws as
he gave us fingers and toes with nails. Would you like for someone to decide to amputate your fingers and
toes to your first digit, because they didn't want you to scratch something with your nails? How lucky is
our beloved cat to be part of our Great Nation (USA) as most think we are a Great Country? I think our
cats would differ on that!!!
I will not sell you one of my babies if you intend to declaw,
or are not sure if you want them to keep their claws!
SAVE My "Claws" PLEEEASE !!!
Do you want to do this to your baby???  Look at the actual pictures of the surgery above...
then decide... they will tell you Laser is better and more humane....
Written by Theresa Abeita of Abeitagatos
Copyright@2008 by Theresa Abeita. All rights reserved.
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Look at my pretty paws!!!
If you can't accept a cat for having claws, then don't buy one please!
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