My price for a Sphynx kitten is consistent with what other reputable Sphynx breeders offer.
You will also have peace of mind when you buy an Abeitagatos Sphynx, you will get a healthy
well adjusted kitten.  I am very careful about selecting those who want to adopt one of these
precious babies of mine. I've been a breeder on and off for over 30 years of experience and
mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7. These babies are like my children, and I will always be
available to answer questions and offer advice no matter what the time of day
What To Expect With An Abeitagatos Sphynx Baby
a written contract that protects you, me and the kitten
a written genetic health contract
necessary vaccinations & deworming
spayed/neutered before going to their new homes
Pamphlet of Nuvet Plus
Any Abeitagatos Sphynx kittens released from my care will be
up to date on their vaccinations against Feline Panleukopenia,
Feline Calicivirus (FVRCP), Feline Rhinotracheitis, and
Chlamydia Psittaci, along with deworming.
Can I Be Sure That I Have A Healthy Kitten?
Sphynx kittens that go as "Pet Quality" can be a kitten who
exhibits traits that I do not want to use in my breeding
program. Such as having excessive fuzz/hair, refined boning,
weak chin, improper ear placement. Or kittens that are of
"Show Quality" but altered, will go as pets too. They can be
shown in the
cat show in the "Premier Class"
What Is A "Pet Quality" Kitten?
What Is A "Show Quality" Kitten?
A kitten of "Show Quality" is one who exhibits the best
standard of the Sphynx Breed: boning structure, coat texture,
head type, confirmation and good temperament. I offer the
very best in a show kitten. But, there is no guarantee of show
wins as the kitten may not like being shown.
CFA and/or TICA registration papers on request!
Catnip Toy
How Much Will A Sphynx Kitten Cost Me?
Depending on the breeder, kittens can be priced different  
for Pet and higher for Show/Breeder. It can take up to 16
weeks to evaluate whether a kitten is of "Show Quality".
Isn't That Price A little Too High?
You may find a Sphynx kitten offered for less than what I ask
for. Often a kitten that is offered for a lower price is sick or
too young to leave its mommy. Before you decide on a kitten
be sure to ask a lot of questions. See if they will offer what I
am offering.
Do your homework!
What To Look For?
Ask to visit their Cattery. This way you can see the way
they maintain their Cattery and how well they care for
their kittens and how they are housed.
If they ask you to meet them somewhere to give you
your kitten. This is a bad sign.
VERY IMPORTANT: Ask them about the health of their
kittens. Please research the health issues on this breed.
You will then be ready to purchase a healthy kitten from
a reputable breeder.
Get lots of references!
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I think it is very important to be a good responsible breeder. That for me is to
socialize them and love them to the point that they don't know what fear is. Only
to know love and joy as God intended them to. Remember they are not just a pet,
but a part of our family. I truly believe that God loves these little creatures as he
loves us to give them souls as he did us. Please remember they feel pain, love,
hurt and joy as we do!
You will get a small bag "starter kit of Royal Canin kitten food."
A booklet containing a guide to kitten care, training, nutrition, health
care, first aid information and your pets immunization records for
you to keep track of. You will be provided a plastic folder with the
breeders card information attached to it, so you can keep all your
important documents for further references.
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