I will ship by " U Ship " under the conditions that I approve
of the party that you will choose to pick up your baby.
I "DO NOT" ship by way of one of my babies being in a
cargo area on a Plane. You would have to accompany the
baby on the Plane so he or she could be with you and not in
the cargo area.
You are welcome to stay the night with me and I will be
willing to pick you up and take you back to the airport in
Paducah, Kentucky.
Also this will give us a chance to meet each other and for
you to see the conditions how my babies are cared for.
U-Ship will pick up your baby from my house and deliver
she/he to your door step. This way I feel real
comfortable about my babies traveling, due to the fact
that you and I can keep track of our baby at all times.
Knowing every move they make by way of communication
with their cell phone. Less stress on baby!
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