I have been a breeder for over 30 years and still get fooled.

Just because a breeder has a "
elaborate website" may just be that. I have seen
breeders that have this and are no better than a backyard breeder!

Some breeders even have lots of money and will go to shows and represent
themselves as a good reputable breeder and will be quite the opposite.

Don't be fooled by their fancy houses on their website, just because they have a
nice home. Don't mean that they are raising healthy babies.

You need to ask for many references from them and talk to people that have their
babies. Don't be afraid to ask. It is better to be safe than sorry later when you
get a sickly baby or have been ripped off.

Breeder... want to be's... be careful on who you trust.  Ask many breeders if they
have worked with this person and what kind of reputation they have for honesty.

I myself have been a victim of trusting. So please be careful!!!
Breeders can rip you off by not abiding by their contract. They can sound very
sweet and tell you anything you want to hear.
 IMPORTANTLY!  Please don't do as I
did and think you can trust working with a Breeder so well, that you don't feel a
need for a written contract or take payment on credit for the kitten that you are
trading out with. When talking with them, if you hear any contradiction or they are
wishy washy...  
Stay away !!!
I no longer sell breeders!
Written (Author) by Theresa Abeita of Abeitagatos
This information I have written on this page, is to protect the innocent.
Copyright@2008 by Theresa Abeita. All rights reserved.
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Please! do your homework before buying a kitten. Who? you
may think is a reputable breeder may not be!!!
I can provide many references from my buyers. Just check out the pages (Kittens New Homes).
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